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As a result of my own experience in therapy and needing a change from my former corporate life, I changed careers 20 years ago, attending the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at JFK University. I chose Counseling Psychology both in hopes of finding answers to the pain I saw in my own family of origin and in order to better serve and help others. After coming to terms with the concept that insight doesn’t necessarily lead to change - through my own therapy, a lot of yoga and a lot of practice of newly learned skills - I have found a little bit of both, thankfully.

On the basis of my primary and post-grad training in relational and psychodynamic theories at the Women’s Therapy Center in Berkeley, CA, I appreciate working with concepts arising from attachment theory, mindfulness practice and neuroscience. I believe the discoveries being made with regard to the ways our brains work are affirming for the discipline of psychotherapy. It is exciting that they are providing evidence for long established theories and opening new doors of research and possibility for the experience of being human in a modern world.

Working from an attachment perspective means appreciating that what we experienced and observed in our earliest relationships continues to influence us and our relationships throughout our lives. In the absence of security and trust it is highly unlikely that we will be able to be truly vulnerable with our loved ones. Instead we will tend to become caught up in unproductive and often destructive cycles which can leave everyone involved with some combination of hurt, anger, confusion and fear. I have advanced training in Susan Johnson's Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) whose sole objective is to discern and break down these cycles so that we can make life affirming choices rather than react.

From 15 years in a medical setting, I also have extensive experience working with addictive disorders and issues arising for women and couples from pregnancy and postpartum changes. I use the research of John and Julie Gottman/Bringing Baby Home to inform this work.

When not in the office, I am hopefully somewhere outside enjoying the nearby natural beauty of this area. I believe strongly in the healing and empowering abilities of spending time in the wilderness. I would love to start a program of process groups or day trips for women that involve hiking or backpacking plus group therapy as a means gaining confidence, personal growth and skill in the outdoors. I have both experienced and observed the way these skills translate to personal empowerment in everyday life. Drop me an email to let me know if you are interested.

Whether individual or couples, short term, solution focused or depth oriented, my wish is that our work together brings you to your best sense of well-being in life, work, play and relationship - with partners, family, friends and colleagues.

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